Were these words spoken by Beavis and Butthead, or Judge Valerie Adair?

Drop what you’re doing right now, and pay attention.

It’s time for a pop quiz…

Which block of text below – #1 or #2 – was spoken by an actual judge employed in the Clark County Courts of Nevada, during War Machine’s sentencing hearing?

“Hmm… like, this guy looks angry. Uh huh huh. He looks like he could, like, kill someone. Uh huh huh. He probably does too many steroids. Uh huh huh. I think I’m gonna lock him up and throw away the key.”

And frankly, you know, wanting to be a professional fighter, you know, is like, kind of like wanting to be a rock star or a movie star, something like that. Not everybody gets to do it. So the fact that his career was, you know, going sideways a little bit, in my view is no justification, you know, for this kind of violence, and it’s repeated violence.

And again, you know, he [War Machine] obviously has issues with anger. I don’t know if there’s steroid abuse involved or what or it’s just something psychiatrically wrong with him.

You’re going to obtain lawful, fulltime employment to get this restitution paid. If you can make enough money as a fighter, that’s fine, but again, you know, that’s one of those professional athlete, model, singer, dancer, whatever, you know. Not everybody gets to do that. So you may have to get some other kind of a job to make restitution…
I want you tested for the use of anabolic steroids because that in my view may be what’s contributing to your anger problem. Any use of anything like that will be considered a violation of your probation.


The answer to this pop quiz can be found in War Machine’s court transcript.


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